During the MAOTempoPresente residency program, artist Marzia Migliora spent a period of several months between 2022 and 2023 at the MAO. She studied the works kept in the museum's storage, assimilated the objects, stylistic features, and images from the collection, and created a composite alphabet. This alphabet was then employed to compose Il Rituale del Serpente (The Serpent's Ritual). The tapestries partially occupy the monumental entrance staircase of the Museum. They are derived from a large roll of paper measuring 130 x 9140 cm, featuring a mixed technique of collage, frottage, and drawing. The artist created them based on certain ritual objects and sculptures found in the collection. These items are not currently on display in the MAO's visitor route and thus hidden from public view. In this extensive drawing, various subjects of different natures, ages and cultures intersect and collaborate with each other. The narrative is communicated through imagery that allows each element to coexist in a single paroxysmal and ahistorical environment. The drawing comprises references to post-industrial human history, nature, and deinaga/serpent symbolism, creating a cohesive and logical flow of information. Additionally, technical term abbreviations are explained when first used.